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25th August

This service was a godsend, just what I was looking for. Quick, efficient, secure, and the transcription itself is flawless, better than in Google or Apple.

source Google Maps


24th August 2023

A simple and affordable tool with a transcription quality that's unmatched elsewhere at this price.

source Google Maps


12th August 2023

I've used their services several times and I'm very pleased! The transcriptions are very accurate. Everything is fast and efficient. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, high-quality transcriptions, and fast processing, this service is highly recommendable.

source Google Maps


11th August 2023

Simple, fast product. Great value for money.

source Google Maps


8th August 2023

Quick and efficient - it simply works as promised.

source Google Maps


10th August 2023

I'm satisfied. I was exploring different options today. Most tools typically have quite expensive monthly plans, limitations on 30min, the number of files in free options, etc. I just wanted a one-time transcript. 6 USD for a one-time task is a good price.

source Google Maps

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Try it yourself - only 6 dollars per file.