Emily Nowakowa

Emily Nowakowa


Glossary of Terms: Everything You Need to Know About Transcription and Working with Text

Modern technology and the growing demand for content creation have made working with text and commissioning transcription increasingly popular. To facilitate an understanding of transcription and related issues, we have prepared a brief glossary for you. This is the perfect read for those who want to start their journey of converting sound to text or for those who want to learn more about it.

Key Definitions:


The process of converting recorded sound into text. It can be done manually by experts or automatically using specialized software.

Automatic transcription

Utilizes speech recognition technologies to convert audio to text. Although faster, it may not be as accurate as manual transcription.

Manual transcription

Performed by a specialist who listens to the recording and writes it down as text. It's more time-consuming but often characterized by greater accuracy.


A type of transcription that includes every word, including repetitions, whispers, or even incomplete sentences.


A type of transcription where certain elements (e.g., fillers such as "um", "uh") are omitted to make the text more understandable and readable.

Multimedia transcript

A combination of transcription with multimedia elements like graphics, photos, or videos, allowing a deeper understanding of speech context.

By understanding these terms, transcription becomes more accessible and understandable. Whether you're a researcher, student, or entrepreneur, knowing these terms will allow for more effective and informed text work.


Transcription, or converting recorded sound into text, is a complicated but incredibly valuable process in many fields - from science and business to entertainment. With our glossary of terms, we hope this topic has become more accessible for you. If you're considering commissioning a transcription, remember that the right choice of method and expert can significantly affect the quality and effectiveness of your project. We hope this article proves helpful. If you have questions or want to learn more about transcription services, please contact us at transcriptmate.com.